Zog’s Dogs – Whistler, BC

For sure had to try poutine while I was in Canada and Zog’s was the place to go! Very short post today lol.

Zog’s Classic Poutine

Yeah, I wasn’t impressed. I don’t know if it was just this place that made it junk or maybe I’m just not into fries slathered in gravy and cheese curds. Not a fan.

Jalapeno + Cheese Smokie
beef and pork stuffed with cheese and jalapeno

Saving grace of the meal. I love myself a good hot dog. This hit the spot. Love the spice and cheese, and the char from being grilled. Yum!

8 responses to “Zog’s Dogs – Whistler, BC

  1. jalna

    Never heard of poutine before. Yah, doesn’t look like it would be for me too.

  2. kat

    at least you got to try poutine, have wondered how it tastes

  3. You are a brave adventuress.

  4. vickinags

    interesting that the poutine wasn’t anything special, especially if they’re supposed to be known for that. Or do the places here make it a little different?
    My daughter loves poutine but I don’t even care for chili cheese fries so can’t tell what’s good.

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