Healthy Dinner = Healthy Wallet

My friend and I were cruising around for some dinner the other night and since we couldn’t head to the place we wanted, we decided to check out Down to Earth. We both love their tofu nori rolls so we decided to make a salad at the salad bar. A scoop here, a scoop there and before I knew it…I was paying $16 bucks for a container of salad. Salad. Gosh, it costs so much to eat healthy. The salad wasn’t great, I got a bunch of beets for my salad and it was the worst part! They had shredded the beets and they were so dry, it was hard to eat. Do I think the salad was good? Not at all. I saw another guy really packing his salad plate FULL – I’m scared to imagine what he paid.


140618-02I was really excited about the watercress tofu salad but it was SO bitter. I was so unhappy.

140618-03Brownie! I forgot the exact name of this but I’m sure it was healthy in some way but it tastes like it looks…delicious! Doesn’t this look so moist? It was so good. It was nice to get the taste of the salad out of my mouth…hehe

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