Pat’s Piggery – Waianae, HI

We had a recent event catered by Pat’s Piggery and it was GOOD (Thanks Linda!). Like super good. I don’t know anything about this mysterious catering company, only that they are located far and raised their own pigs that are used to make their delicious kalua pork. They offer catering with pricing that includes the delivery…which makes it easy for us townies! Let me share with you pictures of the food we had…


140531-02Kalua Pork – was so good!

140531-04Lomi Salmon – delicious! Good portion of salmon in there!

140531-05Steamed Sweet Potato – perfect!

140531-03Winner of the whole show! Their ahi poke as SOOOOOO good. It even has kukui nut in it…which means it’s gonna be awesome and it was. I would highly recommend Pat’s Piggery! The price per head considering the food we got was definitely reasonable too!

Sushi ii – Keeaumoku, HI

I’ve been hearing some great things about Sushi ii for a while now but haven’t been able to try them out until recently. This restaurant is located in the very busy Samsung Plaza. Samsung Plaza houses Sikdorak, Raging Crab just to name a few…with a very small parking lot to accommodate it all. My terrible secret and dishonor? I parked in Walmart’s parking lot and walked over. Tried to be a bit ninja about it by parking near the back and walking out discretely as advised by my friend/dining companion. Sushi ii is a cozy little sushi bar with stylish decor and incredibly nice people. We sat at the bar and the sushi chefs were very nice to us, it was such a nice experience! Let’s get to the pictures…


Ready for some great sushi and awesome company…:)



Gyu-tan – grilled beef tongue! Delicious with a squeeze of lemon juice…


My friend taught me such a great way to eat sushi! Order the sashimi platter and then a side of rice! It’s like a make your own sushi meal – and you don’t have to eat all the rice it usually comes with! Genius!

140530-05Salmon – you can’t go wrong. It was delicious.

140530-06Abalone. Wow, I did not think I could ever dislike a piece of seafood. I met my match with this one. The raw abalone was slimy yet crunchy. The slimy taste reminded me…oh I hate to say it…some kind of unpleasant smelly discharge. Hahaha…I had to spit it out. I felt horrible but I just couldn’t stand it.

140530-07I really hope I got this right, this was fire squid. The chef told us it was special. It looked great but I was afraid it would be hard and rubbery. Guess what though…it was the softest squid I have ever had. It was delicious! I would definitely order this again if I could.

140530-08Hamachi. If hamachi is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Aces.

140530-09I tried to get a shot of some of the other items. Amaebi which is always great. I believe under the lemon are slices of ika. Everything on this platter was so fresh and delicious (minus the abalone…sorry!)

140530-10Tako Karaage. This was good, nothing memorable but definitely not bad. Sorry, with all that sashimi – I had to focus on the priorities!


140530-12OTORO. Yes, I did it again. Yes, we did it. We ordered it. What a splurge. And look at how nice they were, they gave us a FREE piece of OTORO. I mean that’s crazy nice. It was delicious. I couldn’t help but compare it to my first otoro experience at Izakaya Torae Torae and I liked it better there. I wonder if it was just the glow from experiencing it first at Torae Torae?

Cobb Salad

The UH Manoa campus food court serves up a MEAN Cobb Salad. They have a great salad bar…so when I feel like a crapload of toppings with a side of greens…this is where I go. You gotta admit, a cobb salad is really just a masquerade of healthy. I don’t care, I believe it’s a healthy salad and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


I get my dressing on the side and substitute bacon for beet – that counts right? 🙂

This Is It Bakery & Deli – Kaka’ako, HI

I got to try This Is It Bakery & Deli for the first time the other week and I was happily surprised! I didn’t even try a bagel which is what they’re known for. Hehe, we were out on an errand for work and decided to swing by here for lunch. I got the pastrami sandwich and it was DELISH. As I’m writing this post, I’m craving another! I’ll let the pictures do the talking…by the way, they are located directly across the street from Fisher Hawaii.


$Hot Pastrami Sandwich – $8.65
Sooo good. It comes with a scoop of potato salad, pickle and a little surprise pastry! Mine was a vanilla pound cake, I actually shared it with my co-worker so I can’t comment on the taste.


I know the bread looks all soggy but that’s because it was sitting around for a bit before I could eat it. No matter…bugga was GOOD.

Elvin’s Bakery – Kalihi, HI

Yay! My favorite cake currently comes from Elvin’s Bakery. They are a mom and pop shop and create some of the best cakes I have ever tried. My favorite? The Mango Mousse cake! I enjoy the round cake the most because that one comes with a soft cookie lining. Unfortunately the bigger sizes don’t come with the lining…but the cake is great nonetheless! We recently had an appreciation celebration for our student employees and ordered a cake from Elvin’s. It was delicious and a hit! Here are some pictures, we got the 1/4 sheet…



We did a calculation comparing this cake with the cakes from Deelite Bakery, the bigger sizes (1/4 sheet and up) are cheaper at Elvin’s. Elvin’s is located in the same shopping center as the old Palama Supermarket, give them a try!

Marukame Udon – Waikiki, HI

Happy soggy Sunday everyone! What a weekend forecast, did you folks get the text message earlier today? I was freaked out at first because it was the first one I ever received from emergency alerts, I thought it was great though! Hope you are all doing well. We had a bit of craziness at work due to the power outage but everything was back to normal just in time to go to work on Friday.

The famed Marukame Udon! They have been open for quite a while and haven’t slowed since day one. They have even opened a location in downtown. So two great locations with awesome parking options. That was dripping in sarcasm wasn’t it?  I took the trek out to Waikiki recently to give them a try! I parked at Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center and walked over. It was a short but hot walk…and the place does not have air conditioning! I came back and went to the food court to buy something to get validation for the parking. Here’s a tip for you, you have to spend at least $10 to get the validation. Here’s a second tip, everyone in the food court has terrible customer service. When I went to pay for my parking ticket, it would have cost $10 for parking so it’s good I got something in exchange. Anyway, a real quick update today! I had an…interesting experience.


140525-02Regular Ontama Udon – Cold

The noodles were pretty good. Actually they were very firm which I don’t mind at all. The cold noodles hit the spot on this hot day. I thought their udon and sauce was good, but nothing I need to return quickly for. Their seats are always filled but the way this place works, someone is always leaving as you are ready to sit and eat!

140525-03Fish Cake Tempura and Shrimp Tempura

Here’s my funny story about this visit. Well you get in line, you let the cook know which style udon you want. They prepare it up really quick and hand it over to you, you then walk over to the hot tempura bar and musubi bar before you hit the cashier. The tempura are all set out with tongs ready to be selected. I wasn’t really paying attention to everyone ahead of me so as I reach the musubi bar, I start to grab my own musubi by hand. I got a stern scolding from the lady behind the bar about having to use the tongs. The tongs were tucked away on the side…for you to grab your individually wrapped musubi. Yes, I was trying to grab for my own plastic wrapped musubi and was told to use tongs. It was a bit ridiculous if you ask me – isn’t that what the plastic wrap is for? I didn’t take pictures of the musubi but the salmon onigiri was not great. The salmon was incredibly salty which overpowered the whole musubi…or was it cause I was salty from the experience? Hehe, in any case…I’m glad I got to try this place but I am definitely not itching to return soon.

Agu Ramen – Honolulu, HI

Yes, another Agu Ramen post! Sorry, I do really like what they serve! Here’s a link to my previous post that refers to the even more previous posts before this one. This visit was a bit different, I was in the mood for some cold noodles because of the hot weather. Oh, it was DELICIOUS.

140521-01Shio Jidori – $11.75
Not my dish, my friend got this. She likes it a lot because of the light chicken broth. As I’ve shared before, their kotteri is much too oily.


Kicked Up Fries – $5.75


Chili Cream dipping sauce for the fries. Meh for the entire dish. I wouldn’t recommend it.


Hiyashi Ramen – $10.75


Oh my god. This dish totally hit the spot. You know what makes or breaks a hiyashi ramen? The dressing. They have a great dressing here. I was so in love that I made my own. Um, it didn’t come close to this one. No shame, I’ll still share the pic.

140521-06Whoop there it is. Yeah it wasn’t great. I also started putting any kine toppings like my super fast pickled daikon. The crab sticks were junk. The dressing was store bought and no good. Ah…I can always remember the hiyashi ramen I had at Agu to be happy.

Treats from Japan

My coworker just returned from a Japan trip recently and he graciously shared some snacks with us! I just wanted to show you a quick update of them.

140520-01I don’t know how many of you folks can read Japanese but this is wasabi Kit Kat! Interesting right? Now you see the wasabi plants all over the cover huh? How’d it taste? I couldn’t taste the wasabi like at all. I was even trying to see if there would be notes of it after I finished chewing, nothing! A bit disappointing, I wanted it to clear my sinuses…lol.



140520-04Tokyo Banana. I heard a lot about this treat and it seems to be a popular omiyage. I’m a fan of banana but not too much a fan of this treat. I could tell they were trying to create a cake that tasted a lot like the real thing…not a fan. Give me some good old banana bread anyday.

Sweet Home Cafe – Moilili, HI

Sweet Home Cafe needs no introduction, I even have a previous post about them.  You should check out their Yelp page, there are currently some mixed reviews. It’s very interesting and I hope they can take any negative reviews and turn it into positives for themselves (barring the fake ones of course). I had a visit about a week ago and it was pretty much a common visit. I was mainly surprised that I didn’t have to wait at all for a seat on a Saturday night and then when I was served dessert before we were done eating and nowhere near the time limit.


We got the House Special this time. For those who wonder what it tastes like, it’s a lot like a Pho broth.

140519-02Our stuff dumped in! The broth isn’t bad but healthy herb is still my favorite.

140519-03Raw beef

140519-04You see the yellow rounds floating in the soup? I tried it during my last visit and it has become a favorite. I think it’s called Egg Tofu – so good. It’s a really soft egg thing…you can’t taste the tofu at all. It almost tastes a bit like chawan mushi in texture…delish.

140519-05My dipping sauce! One of many, I never waste though. I don’t wanna go against Auntie, I just return to grab more when I need more. I also use a choke-load of cilantro. Fresh cilantro for the win.

140519-06The infamous dessert that was served to me while my mouth was full trying to finish my dinner. This is the exact kind of dessert you cannot be served early, it’s shave ice! We had to rush to finish dinner and eat this…it was rude in my eyes. This was Kristian’s first visit so he was not pleased either.

Via Gelato – Waialae, HI

Via Gelato has been around for a few while. I think they used to serve their gelato out of a truck and one night after dinner, my friend and I went on a sort of food truck chase. Okay, not so much a chase as we checked our phones and saw that they were not out that night and got disappointed. You know what we don’t have enough of in Hawaii? Dedicated dessert shops that stay open later at night. The Little Oven is awesome but they aren’t exactly consistent with their store hours. So after our very delicious dinner at Dagon, we took a short drive over to Via Gelato. This shop is SO cute and the gelato is amazing. You folks gotta give it a try! 140518-01

140518-02Their display case of gelato. Delicious! I tried a sample of the black sesame, tasted great! I had to try two other flavors though!

140518-05I love the look of this shop! How would you describe this type of decor?

140518-04My friend’s keiki size gelato, Fierce Chocolate and Coffee. The coffee tastes great! Not too strong and goes great with the chocolate!

140518-03My keiki sized gelato. Fierce Chocolate and Cookies in Cream. Both were good! I definitely like the chocolate more so than the cookies in cream. Everything tastes so fresh here. I can’t wait to return and try new flavors! And for those who are fans of waffle cones, they make those fresh daily! 🙂

140518-06Until next time Via Gelato!