Recipe: Black Bean Noodles (Jjajangmyun)

I hope Honolulu Aunty gets a chance to read this post! I know you mentioned liking these noodles so I wanted to show how easy it is to make at home! Recipe credits goes to Maangchi completely! Enjoy the pictures, I tend to put step by step pictures.


Looks good ah? Restaurant style!

150622-02Black Bean Paste, no substitutions!

150622-03Gotta get the noodles made for jjajang, it makes a difference.

150622-04Korean Radish (Daikon), Onion, Zucchini and Pork Belly.

150622-05Chop the pork up – I think I used about 4 slices for this recipe.

150622-06Korean Radish (daikon)



150622-09Fry up the bacon until they are crispy, then drain most of the oil away. I learned that I don’t care for the hard bits of pork in my jajangmyun so if I make this again, I’ll leave the pork out. That would make this dish vegetarian!

150622-10Then you start adding veggies to cook, you should add the vegetables according to how long it takes to cook down. I added the Korean radish first. Stir-fried for about 2 minutes and then added…

150622-11Zucchini! Another 2 minutes…

150622-12Onions! And yes, there is no garlic in this dish. Shocking right? But if you have had these noodles, you’ll know that the flavor is very mild.

150622-13Black Bean Paste!


Add water and let it simmer on medium heat.

150622-15After about 10 minutes, make the potato starch slurry and add it to the sauce. Simmer it a few minutes more to cook out the starch, look at how shiny the sauce gets! Once it’s about done, add sesame oil.

150622-16Noodles ready to be drenched in the sauce…

150622-17No matter what root vegetables you add, it’ll all look black…lol.

150622-18Delicious! Ahhh…so good. I hope you get to try it!

Credit: Maangchi’s Jjajangmyun Recipe