Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A little late to post but better late than never right??  I found these cute breast cancer awareness ribbon nail stickers at Party City a while back and finally got to put it on!  Well me being as graceful as I am…the stickers lasted all of a day or two.  Do you ever look at girls who have all those trinkets on their nails?  I always think to myself – man, they must do no housework whatsoever.  And the girls with the long nails and trinkets?  I wonder how they wipe their butt.  LOL.  Okay sorry for that image.  Anyway.  This picture also comes at a funny time, this is like almost exactly where I was flipped off today.  It’s funny because the person who flipped me off was first of all, wrong because she was at a stop sign and was trying to cut me off (I had the right of way) and then when I waved for her to go (cause she was pretty much blocking my lane), she gives me the finger and doesn’t move.  What was that about?  I drove home pretty irritated…and she was behind me most of the way of course.  I felt a little scared because well, you never know these days.  She could have been a lunatic and who knows what she would have done.  Okay okay, I will stop talking and show my nails.  Hope you are all doing well!


2 responses to “Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. jalna

    Oh gawd some people!! I love your nails . . . makes me want to paint mine. Your “wipe their butt” statement surprised me and made me laugh.

  2. Glad you laughed Jalna – I’m glad someone else did! 🙂

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