Agu Ramen – Honolulu, HI

Agu Ramen opened up in the old Da Kitchen location on Isenberg a few weeks ago.  Lately, there’s been a trend of opening up ramen shops and I couldn’t be happier!  I love noodles.  So the latest shops include Agu, Hokkaido Ramen Santouku and the revamped Kiwami.  I’ll have posts on all three!  Anyhow, I was excited to try Agu because they specialize in tonkotsu ramen.  Stop the yapping and start the viewing…

131210-01Look hot yeah?  Yeah the noodles are hot too.  Haha!


Here’s their gyoza – $5.25.  It’s your typical gyoza, and made fresh daily!

131210-03I always try to take a picture of the innards but I did just a poor poor job on this.  Sorry.

131210-04Kotteri Tonkotsu – $11.75

131210-05Close-up of the broth and the glorious garlic chips.  Yummmyyy

131210-06Spicy Kotteri Tonkotsu – $12.75.  

Looks crazy hot yeah?  So I was reading yelp reviews and some people were saying a 3 was way too hot to handle.  They have a spice level from 1 to 5 chilis.  I decided to go for the 2 to test how far I could go.  So I ordered my spicy kotteri tonkotsu and asked for a level 2, the waitress then says, so you want mild?  I was like kind of taken aback and might have given a bad reaction.  It was more like…HAH?  MILD?  Hahaha I mean I’m already ordering the spicy – how was it mild?  Well she explained that 2 was kind of weak sauce so I went for the 3.  So how was it?  A bit of a kick but I wasn’t like leaking or anything.  If I do go back, I’d like to try the 4.  I’m not sure how fast I will be returning since this broth is very rich and I had stomach problems the rest of the night.  We do agree that since it is tonkotsu ramen, they used very thin noodles but they cooked them perfectly!  I like my noodles al dente.


Here’s a picture of their soft boiled egg.  Thank god they made it right.  I mean it’s not as soft as the ones in Japan but this is so much better than the ones at other ramen shops.  Other ramen shops overcook their eggs with the gray line around the yolk. All in all, I thought Agu was just all right.  They do definitely have a light broth option but I love kotteri.  I highly suggest you give it a try and let me know how you like it!


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