Agu Ramen – Moilili, HI

This post highlights two visits to Agu Ramen recently. The first visit was on Valentine’s Day and they had very cute little flowers for the day. It was a very nice touch! My last visit, I took two of my little brothers there. They really enjoyed the ramen. I was really unhappy with the service. Our waiter basically ignored me at the end – all I wanted was the bill. He just kept helping everyone around us and avoided my gaze. Why? I would think you would want me out of your hair when we are done. I was very put off and now I don’t want to return for a while. It’s too bad when the wait staff can have such a big influence on wanting to return or not. They are pretty pricey anyway so I’m okay with not going for a while. I will probably come back from Japan ramen’d out anyway.

150325-01Cute valentine’s flower


150325-03Jidori Kawa – Deep fried Chicken Skin. Was it good? Would it be rude to say duh? Duh!


150325-06Shio Jidori – I really enjoy this one. The light ramen broth is great!

150325-07My brothers enjoyed it too! They swallowed it up!

150325-08The youngest one likes to put the noodles on a plate and then eat it. It’s a good way to cool down the noodles..hehe

8 responses to “Agu Ramen – Moilili, HI

  1. Anon

    You must be noodling it up in Japan I am sure ! So lucky:)

    I would really call management about your complaints whenever you dine out. It’s taking action in a positive way ! Just a thought.

    • Ahhh, I know I really should. But I always feel like it’s such a small island that it’ll come back to haunt me. Although, give me a few years and my patience will be worn out and I definitely be one that calls out management!

  2. Anon

    Ugh, what to do in that situation! When that happened to me and I really needed to leave, I ended up digging through my purse for the necessary cash to cover the bill. Sadly, there wasn’t enough cash for a tip, but what can you do in that situation?

  3. jalna

    I am totally impatient when it comes to waiting for the check. On several occasions I’ve gone to the register checkless and left it up to them to tell me what I owed.

  4. BOP

    You went without me 🙁

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