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Kakaako has some great places to eat! The art scene is burgeoning there too and it’s so great to see all the art as I drive through the neighborhood. I was a bit disheartened to read about Fishers having to move from their current location, so many changes going on. I also find myself saying, “I remember when…” a lot more lately which is showing my age. Ahh…let’s talk about happy things like food. Hehe…


150323-02This is it Bakery & Deli

This is their┬áhot pastrami on whole wheat bread. I am drooling as I look at these pictures. This sandwich is the best pastrami I’ve had mainly because the meat is so nice and fatty. It’s definitely a treat, a luscious treat. They provide a pickle slice and a small scoop of potato salad with this sandwich. I enjoy their potato salad too! And usually, they throw in a small little pastry with your sandwich as a treat.




Of course, when I order a plate outside of my comfort zone – I get disappointed! Tsukenjo is known for their Roast Pork plate and that is definitely what I would get next time. I actually saw a picture of their baked salmon plate and that’s what I wanted…but they didn’t have it that day. I ended up getting their miso salmon and it was…junk. Over seasoned and over cooked, I really didn’t enjoy this dish.

4 responses to “Kakaako Eats

  1. kobi

    Wow, Tsukenjo’s still in business. Sad to see they don’t pack their plate lunches on a paperplate and wrapped in butcher paper. You are right stick with the roast pork plate.

    • Hey kobi, I heard Tsukenjo’s has a new owner now. I heard they were going to close a while back but must have found someone to buy them out Glad to see the roast pork plate made the cut. I will get it next time!

  2. Mahalo for posting – whenever I am in Kakaako I just go to Bale and have their lemon grass chicken sandwich but now I can try this deli across from Fisher Hawaii. I love pastrami sandwiches!

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