Go Pink or Go Home

If I were to compare my studying last Saturday to today – I would get a big fat F. It was a pretty tough week and I basically spent today sleeping. I had two long naps! Crazy right? Anyway, I help out by picking up my brothers from Chinese School on Saturdays. Chinatown is abysmal but in the past, I was able to stop on the side and they would run out. Well, this year – the teachers have decided to play it safe and not allow the kids to run off anymore. What does that mean for me? It means I have to find legal parking, park and then walk over. Parking in Chinatown – horrific. But I’m able to find spots so I pay the meter and run out to grab them. Today was a weird day. My usual spot was taken so I had to park further away. So my car is parked and I am waiting for the right moment to leave and notice a woman passed out on the side. She seems to be normal (meaning she wasn’t obviously homeless…how do I explain..) and she was just laid out and her pants were like a bit down so her butt was on full display. It just so happened that a cop had pulled up and parked his car right next to her at the same time as me so I figured, okay good.

Well a few minutes later, I get out of my car and start walking towards the school and towards her…I’m freaked out because I’m actually hoping this woman is alive. I look at her…her face is all red and sweaty (the sun is right on her!) but she moves so I breathed a sigh of relief. I glimpse at the cop and he’s in his car with the windows down. I keep looking at him because I’m thinking – is he gonna come out? Now that I think back to it…he had a baby car seat in his back seat. This was totally his personal car but he had one blue light on top. I’m still confused. Anyway, I grab the kids and come back to my car and lady is still in the same position passed out. The cop still in his car. I get in my car and sit there staring at her…cause now I feel a sense of like responsibility. The cop then drives off! I’m not sure why he was parked there in the first place. So I sit there for at least 5 minutes wondering what to do…like if I should call 911. When finally she gets up and starts like arranging herself, I finally feel okay to leave. I don’t know what to say. Maybe this is just how it is all around Chinatown? What is the proper protocol in these situations? I can tell you what I did observe, choke people walking by and seeing her and just…like taken aback and then moving right along with their business.  I knew I wasn’t going to leave her like that unless I saw her gain consciousness or I would have called 911. Anyway, that was my Saturday so far. I hope that all my sleeping today leads to a good night of studying – I doubt it. Hope you folks have a good one.

140904-01Quick share of a recent purchase. That’s right, pink tools. Go pink or go home. Wait, I already stay home. Haha nah, I just wanted some handy tools around. These are definitely not high quality but gets what I need done…which is nothing serious.

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