AROMA ITALIA – Diamond Head, HI

Was looking for a new Italian place to try and I found AROMA ITALIA on Yelp. The reviews were pretty good and the food pics were amazing. I had to give it a try! They look like a take-out shop but offer dine-in service. It was kind of cool that all the workers had an Italian accent, makes it feel authentic somehow. Hope that’s not offensive. Their parking lot is not it. They are in the same lot as Bogart’s Cafe and boy was that lot was tight and had choke cars no matter what time it was. Good luck to you.

La Bomba Pizzetta (8″) | $16.00
tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, topped with fresh italian burrata, arugula and balsamic glaze

Yum yum. Perfect little pizza to start as an appetizer. It was good. I think this was my first experience with burrata. Not quite sure what the hype is with the cheese is, is it because it’s runny? It tastes like mozz to me, lol.

Linguine Pescatore | $23.00
light marinara sauce, jumbo shrimp, clams, mussels and fresh parsley served over linguine pasta

I think I asked to substitute pink sauce for this dish because I just wanted to try pink sauce! They checked with the kitchen and said yes so here the dish is! It was delicious! But the winner dish of the night was a weekly special…

Pappardelle Alla Crema Di Funghi | $20.00
pappardelle pasta tossed in a creamy mushroom sauce with sauteed chicken

I don’t usually like cream sauces because it can be too rich but it was nice to share the two pasta dishes. This dish was so good. The pasta was perfect, great seasoning. Sad it was only a weekly special but they do allow you to build your own pasta dishes so I bet you could create something similar on your own.

Would I come back? Why yes, I think I would! It’s funny, I always want to try the osso buco at Italian restaurants and they are always out when I want to order it. What can I do?? The search continues.

8 responses to “AROMA ITALIA – Diamond Head, HI

  1. Vicki Nagahiro

    great find! I would like to try on day too.
    I’m like you, don’t care for creams sauces but sounds worth the try.
    The pescatore looks amazing even though I’m also leery of mussels. For some reason, I associate mussels with stomach ache even though I never had that happen, I guess heard too many stories

    • Jenny

      Yeah! They get so many sauce choices, I bet they could substitute if you ask. The mussels never give me issue and I am queen of stomach issues lol.

  2. jalna

    Wow, they all look good.

  3. kat

    looks good but that parking can get krazy

  4. Looks good! We usually go to Pioneer Saloon for takeout because that strip mall has crazy parking.

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