O-Bok Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

O-Bok Restaurant is a little mom and pop Korean restaurant located in the heart of Manoa.  I’ve been here a few times and have received mixed service.  My very first visit was terrible and I got bad treatment from the old man who runs the front.  The past few times I have gone, I have received good service from him so I can’t complain.  As I was looking for the yelp link for this post, I couldn’t help but notice all the recent one star reviews for the restaurant.  It makes me feel sad if what the posts are saying is true.  I honestly thought the old man was the owner of the restaurant but judging from some reviews, I guess he just works there.  A fair warning for everyone who goes to this restaurant – he’s not the friendliest guy but I think he’s a good guy.  He brought us our drinks right away, we got the right amount of banchan and the food came quickly.  Let me share some pictures!

131202-01Delicious banchan!

131202-02Cucumber Kimchee

131202-03Bean Sprouts

131202-04I think this is dried shredded cuttlefish

131202-05Fresh daikon kimchee – yum!

131202-06Good ol’ kimchee


Dried Daikon Kimchee – my favorite.  It has great flavor and texture.  I think they even sell this one by the pound…


Yuk Ke Jang – my dining companion liked it.  He didn’t think it was great or bad.

131202-09Gop Chang Chee Ge – Beef Intestines and Vegetables in Soup.  This was my dish!  What can I say?  I enjoy some good intestines here and there.  Well this one was not great.  Sorry to say.  I was getting over a bout of food poisoning and wanted to have some soup.  My dining companion hit it on the money, it tasted like they didn’t clean the intestines good enough.  The taste was very bitter…it wasn’t not enjoyable.  Other than that…the dish would have been good!


4 responses to “O-Bok Restaurant – Honolulu, HI

  1. Anon .com

    Looks good, I never knew about intestine soup. The dish is Taegu which can be made with cuttefish but what you had was the authentic cod fish. Cuttlefish is opaque and stringy.

    • Thanks for sharing Anon! I know sometimes they swap out taegu with cuttlefish but it’s good to know the difference now. Was very good. I say give intestine soup a try but maybe not here…hehe

  2. matsu

    Hey Jenny! You had me at “beef intestines.” Ha ha. I would have ordered the same! – matsu

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