Asahi Grill – Honolulu, HI

You folks remember Kam Bowl? I wish I was old enough to grab food all the time when this was still open. They of course had the famous Kapiolani Coffee Shop Oxtail Soup and other good stuff. All bowling alleys seem to have the best food yeah? Luckily, the Oxtail Soup is still alive and well in various shops like Asahi Grill! It’s a great dish but I gotta be honest about something. The last time I got a bowl of this stuff – I found a piece of hair in it. I was really disgusted because it showed they don’t wear hair nets and also meant that it was stewing in the pot with the rest of the soup. Sorry! I know that’s sick but that was just my experience. I think I will work my way back to eating this one day…just not yet.

140306-01My cousin’s oxtail soup (lol…sorry Tony!). It’s still a great soup and I love that they are generous with the cilantro.

140306-02Here is my Chicken Katsu Curry. I also like their regular fried rice…yummmm…comfort food.

2 responses to “Asahi Grill – Honolulu, HI

  1. Uncle loves his oxtail soup – but wasn’t impressed with Asahi Grill.

    His favorite so far is Sekiya’s, and he likes the one at Zippy’s (!) too. Long time ago, he had a bowl at Sunrise Restaurant off of Kapahulu Avenue and he enjoyed that one, but it was so long ago.

  2. jenny

    Ohh thanks for the tip Aunty! I’m going to have to try Sekiya’s soon, I haven’t been to that place ever! I heard of Sunrise before but heard the parking is a bit rough…

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