Agu Ramen Part 3

Yes, another visit to Agu Ramen! This is going to be my last visit for a while. Oh wait, I may have to take that back. I heard they started serving a extended appetizer menu! I don’t know if it’s worth another visit for a while still…

140307-01Kotteri Tonkotsu – you see all that black liquid? That’s all oil. Yeah…it’s covered in oil. It was too much. The flavor was all right and I still like the noodles they serve but I wasn’t a fan of this bowl. I think if I do return, I’ll have to try their Jidori version since it’s supposed to be healthier for you.

Part 1
Part 2

4 responses to “Agu Ramen Part 3

  1. lance

    That black liquid? Sesame oil, cooking oil or pork fat oil?

  2. lance

    Yep, the combo of the garlic oil and chips were a little too strong for me too. Nice clean place with friendly staff though.

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