Big Kahuna’s Pizza – HNL Airport, HI

I’ve been wanting to try Big Kahuna’s for a long time now but I am never out by the airport. I had a pick-up at the airport this past weekend and it married up perfectly for a dinner run. I called in my order and timed it perfect for the pick-up. It was a Saturday night so I called in about an hour beforehand and the order was ready to go when we got there. They also have a special, buy one get one half off of their 12″ pizzas. The parking lot is pretty expansive and the restaurants validate for 2 hours I believe. There is a grace period of 10 minutes so we didn’t really need validation.

12″ Sumo Special | $23.85
pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, bacon, Portuguese sausage, kalua pork, onions, fresh mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, and black olives

Hands down the best pizza of the night. Look at all those toppings! And the crust is perfect, thin but not too thin. Nice and crispy. We noticed that although our pizzas were ready, they grab it from the oven when you get there so you’re not getting pizza that is sitting around getting cold! Super good.

12″ Portagee | $23.45
Hawaii’s king of sausage with sliced tomatoes and sprinkled with green onions

Good, not great. How can I compare this one after I had the Sumo?? And the price difference is so small! This one was okay but hands down, order the sumo!!

Garlic Cheese Balls (12) | $8.95
baked in butter and garlic, topped with our five cheeses

This is one of the dishes they are known for and it’s one of the dishes I was dying to try. We actually ordered the 6 pack and they gave us the 12 pack (charged us for the 12 pack too) by mistake. It’s okay, it’s double the amount of balls for only 2 bucks more, so this was a better deal. how was it? Well…good, not great. I think if they served it alongside marinara sauce (even better, spicy marinara), it would have been way better. So yeah, a bit dry for my taste.

13 responses to “Big Kahuna’s Pizza – HNL Airport, HI

  1. vickinags

    Haven’t been there in years…in fact since they were in Mapunapuna! Looks so ono, I never was a fan of garlic balls so thanks for the validation!

    • Jenny

      Wow! Didn’t even know they were in Mapunapuna! Yeah, I’ll back you up on this! Noww if the balls were stuffed with cheese and served with marinara, I’ll back them up!

  2. kat

    love this place! the parking at their other location was so bad

  3. I used to risk my life with their terrible parking before just to get those garlic cheese balls – so greasy and rich and delicious!

    So, not as good anymore? Ah well. Save money.

    • Jenny

      Wow! Where were they in mapunapuna before?? Everyone saying how bad their parking was lol. Yeah save your money, just go eat mini garden lol.

  4. jalna

    Aunty’s comment . . .

  5. jalna

    it didn’t publish, but I had a smiley face at the end of my comment above.

  6. Nickie Y

    They still in business I think I/we use to go a lot since the office was in the area in the 90s. I never found it special, just okay. They use to call the rolls Kahuna’s balls which is awkward as it sounds when ordering. They didn’t have cheese then though. Was meh.

    I think they moved to the Airport Center offices and noticed they were always busy.


  7. kat

    if I’m not mistaken big kahuna’s was next door to b & c trucking when both were in mapunapuna

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