Bob’s Bar-B-Que – Honolulu, HI

Kalihi is my hood. Yet, I can only report that I’ve been to Bob’s maybe once? What is it? I don’t know. I know I hate their parking lot (though they have expanded it) and I guess I have never craved their food. Well, on this fateful day, I needed food but didn’t know what. I did have a hankering for teri cheeseburger (what is with me lately?) and I looked them up…and ask and you shall receive. How was it? Delicious. My brother tried their bacon cheeseburger and fell in love, I couldn’t believe it. I guess this is going to become a mainstay.

Bacon Cheeseburger Combo | $10.35
w/fries and large drink

Teri Cheeseburger | $4.60

Really good, it includes mayo and some lettuce. I don’t recall any tomato but who needs that? It was good! Hit the spot. I would get this again.

Polish Sausage w/Baked Beans | $11.50

Interesting combo. I saw a picture and it looked like chili so I wanted to try it. I can’t refuse sausage and beans (sorry for the imagery). Well I only had a few bites of this to try, gave the rest away (not cause it’s bad, it’s good and it was gobbled up!). Delicious. It comes with mac salad but they serve it on the side separately (environmentalists beware). I like that they serve the mac salad separate, no mixing! I think it’s a little pricey but look at the portion!!!

6 responses to “Bob’s Bar-B-Que – Honolulu, HI

  1. vickinags

    I work in the area and rarely go there too because of their access. But, they have shrimp and oyster burgers! The bun is so huge that the shrimp or oysters look skimpy but for the price, not bad. I was craving shrimp burgers like how Japan has them. Not even close but then again, neither is Japan right now :'(
    that polish sausage and baked beans looks really ono!

    • Jenny

      I laughing cause you work in my hood and I work in your hood lol. Oyster burger?? I saw the shrimp one on the menu. Is the Japan shrimp burgers like ground shrimp and breaded and fried? Sounds good right about now…I like to Japan already!

      Anyway, go try something else for lunch! Had choke parking yesterday haha.

      • vickinags

        looks like they have new menu and took off the oyster burger. The shrimp burger in not the Japanese type. They just use those breaded shrimp that comes in the seafood dishes and put that between the bun with tartar sauce.
        I was thinking of getting the sausage/bean and the teri cheeseburger today.

  2. kat

    their parking is what deters me, plus it is on the corner which is hard to access…

    • Jenny

      Agree! Gotta go up dillingham to get easy access. I might be going here more often so I will provide parking updates lol.

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