The Little Oven – Part Deux

Did I tell you folks?  The Little Oven is back in business!  Yay!  They recently opened up again and hold hours on Friday and Saturday nights.  I was so happy!   You know what’s even better?  They have been consistently open the entire time!  And I don’t mean that as a cutting remark, really I don’t.  I am one of their biggest fans so I am genuinely happy they are open!  The waiter knows us already – not by name yet.  I think I should learn to introduce myself more to people.  So they’re back to making some great desserts!  About two weeks ago, they served a special called the Autumn Trio.  I am SO happy I decided to try it!  Please join me as we enter dessert heaven.


A feast for your eyes and your mouth!


My friend Kristian had the Peach Cobbler…love how it bubbled out…




It’s a bit messy to eat but what cobbler isn’t?


Autumn Trio!  My dessert…drool…


Steamed Cake Kintoki Mame – A steamed cake with kintoki mame beans in the bottom.  The initial bite of the cake was a bit dry so I was disappointed but worry not, as you continue into the cake, it’s moist and perfect.  I love the addition of the autumn leaf, I believe it is carved out of a persimmon.


Kyoho Grape Gelee – ohhh my favorite of the night!  Plump, peeled grapes in a wonderful gelee.  This was perfect and refreshing!


Autumn Konnyaku.  I was so curious about this!  I have only had konnyaku in a nabe or oden so I was curious how a dessert konnyaku was.  This was very good!  It had a peach flavor…sweet – tasted a lot like Japanese candy.  I wish I could describe it better.  Also very good!


This wasn’t technically part of the autumn trio but what a treat!  Candied lotus root chips in whipped cream.  It was very good!  What I love the most about Little Oven are the little touches they add to the dish.  It makes such a big difference.  I really hope you folks get to try this place out sometime!  It’s worth it!

2 responses to “The Little Oven – Part Deux

  1. Dd

    Where are they ?? Old location ??

  2. Hey Dd! Yes, exact same location! The only thing is, the parking lot in back used to be free but I heard it costs money now. But each time I’ve gone, I’ve found street parking no problem.

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