Pho My Lan – Chinatown, HI

I do a lot of posts on Pho. And you know what’s funny? Pho isn’t even my favorite food. I don’t think it even ranks in the top five but there are times when you just want to sit back and eat a good bowl of noodles. Pho really hits the spot for that. My cousin took me out for a free bowl last week, who can say no? This is the first time I tried Pho My Lan and it is a very nice restaurant! Pretty clean and friendly staff. I’m not one who likes parking in Chinatown so I’m not sure when I will be back but I would definitely recommend it to others!

140219-01Shredded Pork Rolls – Shredded pork, raw bean sprouts, lettuce, mint, and vermicelli wrapped in rice paper. Served alongside the vinegary fish sauce…sauce. Very good!

140219-02Fresh veggies to place in your hot steaming broth when it arrives at your table…

140219-03Meat outside. Those who order pho know this lingo.

140219-04Combination Pho – I like to eat the whole animal when I’m chomping on noodles. 🙂

5 responses to “Pho My Lan – Chinatown, HI

  1. Anon .com

    My favorite place for pho and other Vietnamese favorites. Park at the beretania underground municipal.

  2. Good to know! Any other recommendations? I had a pleasant enough experience this time that I would like to return. Actually, I think I’m opening up to going to Chinatown more often…lol

  3. Sushilover

    Dragon is so generous lol

  4. Anon .com

    Have you tried the Vietnamese crepe? It’s a huge crisp ” crepe” filled,with veggies etc. takes a bit of time to prep but a fun light meal.

  5. admin

    Ohh I have not but that sounds delicious! I definitely want to try it.

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