Chinatown – Chicago, IL

Anytime I’m traveling, I like to check out the Chinatown if possible.  San Francisco has a huge Chinatown but I must have fluked out because the dim sum I tried was nothing special.  In fact, the dim sum I tried at SF and New York were nothing to write home about – they just made me miss the dim sum at home!  The dim sum I have tried in Chicago has been the best I’ve had in the mainland.  I actually dined at this same restaurant (Ming Hin) during my last trip and wanted to try a new restaurant so we headed to Chinese restaurant that specialized in main dishes/noodles.  Well we got seated right away but was ignored after that.  We watched as they seated more and more people and no one even came to see us with a menu.  I looked around and caught the eye of the girl behind the counter.  She caught my glance and proceeded to do nothing.  So…we left and went to Ming Hin.  Ming Hin is a huge Chinese restaurant and they’ve got everything down to a science!  The wait staff know Mandarin/Cantonese/English and their ordering system is so easy!  The menu is all pictures and you just put the number of orders you want with each picture.  We need this in Hawaii!  Also…the wait staff is incredibly friendly, something Hawaii is also lacking…hehe.


This is kind of like deja vu.  I had a pork hash post not too long ago…it’s my favorite dim sum dish.  This version was pretty good.

130910-02Quick shot of Chinatown Square!

130910-03Mutilated Shrimp Dumpling – complete with blood (hot sauce)


Chinese Beef Stew or Braised Beef


Dumpling – it’s hard to describe this one.  It has an interesting taro/radish filling.  I definitely think this is an acquired taste.

130910-06Beef Tripe – yum!

130910-07Short Rib with Pepper Sauce – we ordered too much food.  Seriously.

Anyhow, this restaurant definitely delivered!  My aunt was looking forward to some good Chinese grub and she got it!  It’s too bad there weren’t more Chinese restaurants around our hotel.  Also, the whole pushing the cart through the restaurant is definitely a dying art in Dim Sum.  I think Hawaii still keeps the custom alive but the restaurants I have been to in the mainland just take your order and brings them out from the kitchen.


Ended the meal with a refreshing Hong Kong style Lemon Iced Tea.  My absolute favorite.  Prices in Chicago are so cheap too!  If I got this drink here, it’s be like at least 6 bucks.  It was about 4 in Chicago.  


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