Slurping Turtle – Chicago, IL

Being the Asian that I am, I made it a point to scope out as many Asian restaurants as I could.  As if I don’t get enough Asian food in Hawaii right?  The Slurping Turtle was located very close to our hotel so we decided to give them a try one night for dinner.  The restaurant was very busy but we were able to score a seat almost immediately!  As we were greeted by the waitress, we were informed that a future Top Chef contestant was the chef of this restaurant!  How exciting!  He even had a special tasting menu but since I was dining with others, I decided to order just noodles.  I guess this gives me an excuse to go back to the restaurant next time I return!  Let’s take a look at the food shall we?

130908-01Cute ah?  Sorry for the shiny spot on the menu…


Duck Fat Fried Chicken.  Let me repeat, DUCK FAT fried chicken.  Anything fried in duck fat is going to be amazing.  Need proof?  Go to Hank’s Haute Dogs and get their duck fat fries with a side of garlic aioli and then come back to me.  This is one of their most famous appetizers, it’s basically chicken karaage fried in duck fat.  Unnecessary yet necessary at the same time.  The picture makes the pieces of chicken look hard and rough but they were sooo tender.  I definitely recommend it!


Chirashi.  My cousin had to get her fill of sashimi before she heads off to a full semester of studying.  I didn’t taste this but I certainly am not impressed by the look of this dish!  Hawaii does Chirashi so much better.  My friend asked me how does Chicago get fresh fish so far inland?  That’s a really good question…



This place is called the Slurping Noodle so I HAD to get noodles!  I got the Tan Tan Men Ramen.  Droooool.  Just take a look at the pictures above and salivate with me.  The broth was so flavorful.  Full of flavor yet still very light and clean.  The char siu, the meatballs, the vegetables…everything came together perfectly.  I should have taken an after shot because I cleaned the sucker out.  Definitely recommended!


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