Cooking Fresh For You – Honolulu, HI

I’m not going to mention where I work exactly but I think those who work in the same place as me will figure it out with this post.  About a year ago, food trucks have been popping up near my work place and I have loved it.  It’s great to have other choices for lunch and I like to support small business owners who work hard to run their food trucks.  I’ve tried Cooking Fresh For You a few times since they’ve been on-campus.  What’s cool is that they were one of the first trucks that popped up and they are still staying strong.  I find their plates to be hit or miss, they focus on serving fresh and healthier food plates.

Well, after a long break from them…my desperation for food came through when I had no other choice (sorry!).  I definitely did not regret this decision!  My plate was delicious!  I ordered their chicken with mushroom sauce.

140115-01Fresh fruit, mixed greens, three chicken thighs (dark meat is the best!) served on top of brown rice

140115-02I was surprised that they served chicken thighs but was fine because the meat was so tender.  The chicken and sauce were delicious, the brown rice was good.  I enjoyed the addition of fresh fruit slices, they were surprisingly juicy and sweet.  My only complaint is the salad.  Don’t get me wrong, I love salads but the greens they use while high quality are very bitter.  I can’t take the bitterness.  Their prices are also very good!  I think this dish was about 8-9 bucks, I’d go for this dish over L&L any day!


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