New Diner’s Drive-In – Honolulu, HI

Have you been to New Diner’s Drive-In?  This place is located on North King Street right next to the Post Office.  I gotta say, being a Kalihi girl…this is one of the few places I don’t like going to. There’s such a big mix of “interesting” people here.  I’ve been approached more than once by these “interesting” folks which has scared me off enough. Well, I needed dinner one night and this was one of the few places open that night…so I had no choice! The people were still as interesting as usual so I grabbed my food as soon as I could and proceeded to grind at home.

140113-01Here is one of their signature dishes. Fried saimin with BBQ chicken. I can’t deny it, it is delicious! Especially slathered in Sriracha sauce…

140113-02Here was my dinner! Kimchee fried rice. I gotta say, this was really good!  Kimchee fried rice is usually hit or miss in restaurants and I find that a lot of them tend to make kimchee fried rice a bit sweet. They made this fried rice very savory and tasty.  Too tasty.  That means I could taste butter which was nice but there was a bit too much butter.  I still think it tasted great. If I work up the nerve, I may have to return here one day.

5 responses to “New Diner’s Drive-In – Honolulu, HI

  1. lance

    Hahaha!!! Yup, I agree with you. Interesting variety of people hang out there. Prefer going to Richie’s (Kalihi’s version of Rainbow Drive In). The Saimin House across the driveway serves the “old style” saimin. And a lot of people like Palace Saimin, just across the street.

  2. lance

    Forgot to mention. Richie’s has a drive thru if you don’t want to get out of your vehicle. LOL!!!!

    • jenny

      You are too funny Lance! I totally go to Richie’s when I am super lazy and get food in my pajamas (no shame here…lol!). My go to there is their chili dog plate, it’s such a great deal and you get a soda! I also like their mac salad, I don’t know what it is. I’ve been to Old Saimin House, it’s a nice family feel there. I haven’t been to Palace yet because they are always so busy! I would love to try Jane’s Fountain but that place is ONLY street parking.

  3. lance

    Yeah, somehow Richie’s mac salad just gets me too. Don’t know if it’s coz it’s like Rainbow’s. But it goes so well with the main dish.

    I’ve been wanting to try Jane’s Fountain for years, but, like you said, hard to find street parking. Eat there many moons ago, but don’t remember what I eat or if was good. Hahaha!!!

  4. jenny

    Hey Lance. You heard the story right? That the cook at Richie’s used to work at Rainbow’s? Pretty good to have our own version of Rainbow’s in Kalihi. I appreciate anything drive thru…no matter how low tech their intercom is (lol!).

    Jane’s still gets good reviews so I like check them out one day. There’s a new BBQ in Kalihi called Lili’s, I’m excited to try it. Once I do, I’ll share out on here. Looks like it’s off North King across from Golden Coin.

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