Deluxe Breakfast!

Hey guys. I assume that you folks know about the breakfast platters at McDonald’s right? The deluxe platter comes with three pieces of portuguese sausage and 2 pieces of spam. My cousin told me that if you ask for no spam – they just give you double the order of portuguese sausage. THAT’S SIX PIECES. Okay, that’s way too much but if you are ever feeling hungry – go for it! It’s only a little more than the regular platter and McD has the best breakfast platters. Yup, I said it. I’ll stand by that unless someone can prove me wrong. 🙂

140625-01Yah, I was hungry this morning. It was way too much. Gosh, this picture is making me hungry.

4 responses to “Deluxe Breakfast!

  1. SupMonarch

    They do nothing interesting here, the breakfast options consist of mcmuffin or get out

  2. Arlene

    I used to like Jack in the Box’s portuguese sausage breakfast because they used a brand of sausage that I liked (I believe it might have been Purity). Once, when I asked a McDonald’s employee what kind of portuguese sausage they had, he replied: “the round kind!” LOL

    • Ohhh…haaha the round kine. I think my cousin told me they use pacific sausage which I like too! But you’re right, I think I like Jack’s sausage (lol) but not their eggs or soy sauce. So pick yeah?

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