Don e Don – Keeaumoku, HI

I did not know a lick about Don e Don before I ventured out here for a visit. I wasn’t feeling for anything in particular as I drove down Korea-moku but decided to give this new restaurant a try! Well, I am certainly glad I did! This restaurant was a pleasant surprise, good food AND service. That’s a lot for me, I’m a bit overwhelmed. Haha, just kidding. Check out the pics!

BAN-CHAN. Looks basic? Oh let me lead you through the dishes…

Clockwise from left to right:
Shoyu Potatoes – Yum
Kimchee – Yum
Seasoned Choy Sum – Yum!
Korean Green Salad – OKAY I HAVE TO SAY THIS IS THE BEST KOREAN SALAD I EVER HAD – I usually don’t touch this and well I helped to polish this off. The dressing was perfect, a good balance of sweet and tang.
Preserved Mustard Cabbage – First time I seen this as a banchan in a Korean restaurant. Delicious! Light seasoning, not at all salty or bitter. Was good.
Daikon/Onion/Pepper Pickles – Delicious! Wait a minute, was I just super hungry? Nah, I liked all the banchans!

Water and Barley Tea

Why don’t more restaurants do this? I like it when they bring the pitchers and leave it at your table. I drink a lot of liquids so I appreciated this lots!

Lunch Set Menu (Meat and Stew Combo) – Soft Tofu Pot Stew

They have an awesome lunch set menu and the price varies based on the meat you choose. I’ll show the two meats we choose for our combos after this. The soondubu is delicious! The serving is not small by any means, was a perfect portion even though it was part of a set!

Lunch Set: Marinated Sliced Rib Eye (Bulgogi) | $14.99

They were pretty smart to name this marinated sliced rib eye, makes it sound all high class right? While I’m not usually a fan of marinated thinly sliced beef, this was surprisingly good! I liked that it was served on a bed of onions that cooked down with the sweet marinade. Would I get it again? Well, probably not but mainly because I would rather get the pork ribs below. But if you’re a fan of bulgogi, for sure get it!

Lunch Set: Pork Spare Ribs | $16.99

Omigosh! Okay, get mostly bone but I am not shame to pick these bones up and gnaw the meat off. Get some pretty meaty pieces in there though. They are known for these pork ribs so I give it a thumbs up! I would definitely return to get this again! They have a sea salt pork rib which I would like to try next time.

8 responses to “Don e Don – Keeaumoku, HI

  1. vickinags

    oh, I thought Donday moved to the street! But, this sounds way better. Almost like Seoul Tofu house but not in Waikiki!

    • Jenny

      Yes! Not the same as don day! They have a section for cooking but I went with no cooking…menu not as extensive as Seoul Tofu House but then again, I didn’t see the full menu, only the lunch sets!

  2. jalna

    Been sick the last few days, and that soondubu is looking good right now.

  3. I saw the place but wasn’t sure, but now I definitely will go in one of these days. Good banchan usually means good food. My favorite is kalbi but the pork ribs have me salivating!

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