Spicy Pavilion – Honolulu, HI

This post is almost worthless, as I write this post, they have permanently closed their doors. I actually came on Friday night for a family dinner not knowing they were closing this weekend, boy was that a wrong decision. My posts always include my truthful rambling, oh boy, get ready for this one.

I arrived at Chinese Cultural Plaza parking lot and was about to pull a ticket but was told by the attendant, “$3.” A bit flustered, I pull out my wallet and pay and she gives me a ticket. She tells me to keep it on the dash and that it is good until 11 pm. I learned later that this is what they do after 5pm. I was meeting my family at the Spicy Pavilion so I head in first and ask for a table. There are a few empty tables but I am informed by the waitress that they are very busy that night because they are closing that weekend so their reservations are full. I am upset but I don’t make a fuss and leave the restaurant. I call my family and ask what they want to do, they finally decide on Hunan Cuisine across the street. My Chinese heart is relieved, I can walk there and take advantage of the parking fee I paid.

So I walk to Hunan, very slow and I get seated right away. Very nice gentleman, he brings out the plates/silverware and a pot of hot tea. I then get a phone call from my family and GUESS WHAT. They said they got to Spicy Pavilion and GOT A TABLE. WHAT THE WHAT. I was very upset at this point because they just turned me away and I am already seated at a new restaurant. They tell me to come over so I have to eat crow and tell the nice man (who is now in the kitchen cooking – very small crew) that I will be leaving and apologize. He is very nice and tells me it’s okay. Oh man, that alone deserves a future visit. I felt awful.

Anyway, I get back to Spicy Pavilion and maybe swung open their door a bit hard (I was mad okay?). I sat down and behaved myself, don’t worry. It looks like our family (six people) got seated at a table for 4, does it take a Chinese to Chinese interaction to score this? Whatever, I got to try them before they closed so I was glad for that at least. Was it worth all the hassle? Let’s take a look…

Deep Fried Potato Salad (Mr. Wong Special)
thin strings of potato deep fried and tossed with spices and cilantro

A great starter! Perfectly fried and light crunch – loved the spices and the fresh cilantro tossed in! So good.

Griddle Cooked Shrimp
shrimp, onions, bell peppers, and celery

Another great dish, I loved the shrimp. This was cute…this little wok was being warmed with a tea light…great dish! Spicy.

Stir Fried Garlic Green Bean

Great plate of beans. The beans were nice and fresh, not at all old (I’ve had too many of that), perfectly seasoned and cooked.

Fish with Spicy Pickled Vegetables
spicy and sour soup based; longli fish filet with pickled cabbage and pickled chilis

Okay, it says spicy and sour soup but this was probably the mildest dish we had. How was it? Eh…sour soups aren’t my jam. It was edible but probably my least favorite dish of the night.

Diced Chicken with Chili Peppers
fried diced chicken, dry red chili peppers, onions, bell peppers, and scallions

Meh. This dish was just okay. Nothing special about it, I wouldn’t order it again.

Beef in Hot Chili Oil
spicy soup based; sliced beef with bean sprouts and cucumbers drizzled over hot oil

Okay, we ordered too much food. And why did we get basically the same dish but with beef this time? We were kind of full by now so I didn’t eat this one too much. I have the leftovers so let’s see how I feel about it this week, haha.

Pan Fried Jiangxi Noodle
jiangxi rice noodle pan fried with ground pork and vegetables

I am a carb queen and was excited to try this noodle. It was delicious! I loved the seasoning (probably MSG, no judgements). I wish it wasn’t brought out so late in the meal, I would have eaten more of it.

Garlic Fried Rice

Such a simple dish, yet such a good dish. This was brought out last (why???) and I knew it would be good. Yes, it was the end of the meal but we devoured it. I would have ordered a take out of it if I wasn’t so mad and also dying of spice. Haha, well we found out they were closing because the father is the cook and his hands/arms hurt from all the cooking. Totally understandable. It was a good restaurant so I do hope they find a new cook one day and reopen. I will be sure to make a reservation next time or not go during their closing weekend.

6 responses to “Spicy Pavilion – Honolulu, HI

  1. vickinags

    awww, boo. I was waiting for this heat and humidity to be over so I could walk over to Chinatown during lunch. I think I would have loved this place!

  2. kat

    at least you got to try them.

  3. jalna

    I love your story, especially the banging-the-door-open part. I can just picture your entrance. Totally made me laugh.

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