Favorite Pasta Dish

For the longest time, I’ve been telling my friend about my favorite dish from Assaggio’s.  It’s not technically on the menu but I learned of this dish a few years back.  They have an appetizer called Hot Antipasto.  This hot antipasto is comprised of huge luscious pieces of seafood in a wonderful sauce.  It must have been the waitress who served us who said this is the best antipasto and that you can get it on pasta!  I took her word for it on my next visit and haven’t turned back since.  So the next time you go to Assaggio’s or Paesano (same menu!), order the Hot Antipasto on linguine.  Or whatever noodles you want but I like it on linguine.  Well after many suggestions, she finally ordered a few weeks ago and LOVED it!  She even sent me a picture so I’ll post it here.  All credit goes to her.  🙂


Tell me that doesn’t look amazing…

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