Hey y’all. Did you guys get the big downfall about an hour ago? Felt like it came outta nowhere yeah?? Today was Monday and it was pretty busy. I went into work on both Saturday and Sunday to get some work done and the no air conditioning did me more bad than good. I got nothing done! And look at me here tonight. I’ve done no homework tonight. I’ve mainly been prepping my old iPhone to give to my Dad. I’m a bit afraid of what he will do to it but it is time for him to move up and away from the flip phones. I had class tonight and we started watching a really interesting documentary, I was sad that class was over before the documentary ended! Who ever says they were sad class ended yeah?

Anyway, as I mentioned – last week was the anniversary of my mom’s passing. I drove out to Kaneohe in the morning and bought her some nice flowers. It was a nice trip and it was nice visiting her and putting out the flowers. I forgot about the wetness of Kaneohe and walked around in slippers, big mistake. I got back to work at a pretty good time, I didn’t have traffic both ways! Well, I hope you folks have a great week!



2 responses to “Flowers

  1. jalna

    Awww, Jenny, those are beautiful flowers for your mom.

  2. Arlene

    I really like the flowers you got for your mom, very pretty and cheerful.

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