St. Louis Drive In – Kaimuki, HI

I’m happy to report that St. Louis Drive In has a green pass sign on their window. Does it make the place look any cleaner? Umm…I’ll let you be the judge…hehe. I gotta say, some of the best food comes from not so shiny places…unless I get sick – I’m fine with them. I didn’t have much options for food one day so I decided to clog my arteries all in one place. I ordered two plates from St. Louis for my day’s meals. Oh boy…I can say both had gravy so you already know what kind of food I went for…



Loco Moco for breakfast. One burger patty, eggs over easy, gravy and rice. I think I missed the breakfast run so this was being served as a lunch plate, hence the mac salad.



Onto my second meal…lol. This was roast pork with gravy. What can I say about this? Don’t get it. First thing, the pork slices are super fatty. I enjoy a bit of fat on meat but this was a bit ridiculous. And…a few slices were SUPER salty. Like so salty that it was bitter and I had to spit it out. I think this is the second time I’ve tried their roast pork and both times were duds. It’s really too bad.

2 responses to “St. Louis Drive In – Kaimuki, HI

  1. jalna

    HAHAHAHA!! One-stop artery clogging . . . funny!

  2. N

    Many years ago I use to take out regularly from their and we use to get the Japanese plate. The only place that had real shrimp tempura (not that icky okazu-ya stuff), sashimi and I forget what else. Do they still have ’em?

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