Frog House Restaurant – Waikiki, HI

I always pass by Frog House Restaurant on my way to and from Don Quijote and wondered how this restaurant was. It’s located in a bit of a sketch area so I just figured they were like some sort of Korean bar. Recently, I couldn’t get into Do-ne so we decided to give Frog House a try, it was definitely better than I expected. The prices were pretty good and there wasn’t much other customers so we received our food fairly quick. The biggest plus? I finally found agu jjim and decided to give it a try. If you like monk fish, you will like this dish. I learned that I don’t like monk fish…lol. Anyway, on to the pictures and review!


150106-02My favorite in all restaurants. I know it’s probably just steamed eggs with dashi but I just love it so much. Sometimes the simple dishes are the best!

150106-03Eggplant – deliciously savory

150106-05Choy Sum

150106-07Potato Salad – not great also kind of sweet. It was a bit weird.

150106-06Bean Sprouts – hard to screw this one up.

150106-08Another favorite ban chan of mine, fish cake.

150106-04Kimchee, pretty good! They serve up the entire leaf.

150106-11Extra Spicy Chicken – $7.95 (Happy Hour)
This was very good! Definitely a favorite.

150106-09Mini Agu Jjim – $14.95 (Happy Hour)

150106-10Agu jjim is a very popular Korean dish. I’ve watched many videos of people eating it and I just had to try it for myself. What’s funny is that I crave the bean sprouts the most. I wish they made this in a mixed seafood version because I am not a fan of monk fish.

150106-12Kimchee Jigae – $9.95

150106-13Kalbi Jjim – $25.95

PRICEY – worth it? I don’t think so for this one. I feel like they just laced it in teriyaki sauce, the meat was pretty tender though. I think you can get better kalbi jjim elsewhere.

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  1. jalna

    I always wondered about this place too. Great review!

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