Times Supermarket Poke Bowl – Kaimuki, HI

I have been on a posting spree this week! But now I am using up all the pictures I have! I need to slow it down, will try to update a couple times a week still. I know I have been spending up a storm this holiday season. I am broke like a joke. I also had to pay my car registration this month so I am beyond broke. I have been pretty productive with my days off! I’ve rested but I have also tried to be productive each day no matter how long that productivity lasts. It has been helpful that the weather has been cool – that helps a lot! I have to return to work on Monday. Ugh…now I’m going to miss the days off. I think I mentioned it already but I plan to take one class in Spring so it shouldn’t be that bad this semester.

So Times has jumped onto the poke bowl frenzy! I believe they offer either 1/4 pound or 1/2 pound on rice. Then I think there’s a difference between previously frozen and fresh – I actually get pretty confused. The first time I ordered it at the Liliha location, the guy was not patient at all. They had their menu on this big screen TV that kept rotating so I stood there forever waiting for it to come back, that was irritating. The Kaimuki location recently renovated to add their poke section and this guy was much nicer. He was patient and explained everything. I decided to go for the mixed bowl and if I remember correctly, if you do mix, you cannot do it with like a fresh and previously frozen. I think you gotta do it with all previously frozen, ah something like that. It’s confusing like I said. I went for the hamachi and spicy ahi, it was GOOD! Check out the pictures.


They are super meticulous about the weight. Like he spent a lot of time adding and subtracting single chunks of fish. I actually didn’t mind that because it means they are consistent with what they serve out.

150104-02Yummy hamachi! Look at that marbling, this was so good. Who cares if it was previously frozen??

150104-03I can never pass up spicy ahi, I don’t know why. Theirs was pretty good! I think their poke section opens after I start work so I wouldn’t be able to pick some up for lunch on work days. Foodland’s poke section opens pretty early…hopefully Times decides to change their times. Give them a try, the Kaimuki one at least.

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    • Jenny

      Thanks for the tip Lance! I did give them a try when they first opened and posted it up on the blog. I didn’t have a great first experience but I cop that up to them being new. I’ll have to give them a try again!

  1. lance

    Hmmm, I have to check out your previous post.

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