Ginger & Garlic – Chinatown, HI

Formerly Gold Fortune, Ginger & Garlic is now under new management and still serving up some good dim sum! And if you get the chance, spot out the guy with the majestic long hair. He’s almost like a unicorn to me, you don’t see much Chinese dudes with long wavy hair. He seems to take on different roles, I wonder if he’s an owner? Please enlighten me if you do know!

Seafood Bundle in Bead Curd • $4.95

One of my absolute favorite dim sum dishes. The bean curd wrapping is soft and holds together succulent morsels of seafood and a shiitake mushroom. I recommend this dish!

Shrimp Dumpling with Chives • $3.45

I like this dish, it’s not a must have for me but I like the thin skin of the dumpling and the shrimp and chives complement each other so well.

Shrimp Dumpling • $3.45

A staple in dim sum dining! It’s good here, not great.

Siu Mai • $3.45

This is my all time favorite dim sum dish. Nothing like the local kine (from da manapua man) – this is the real thing. I love it and they do it great here.

Seafood Chow Mein • $10.95

I have a soft spot for Seafood Chow Mein, not sure why. I think it stems from the Chinese parties I attended as a child, this was always a dish served to show wealth I’m sure. Every restaurant serves it up differently but I always enjoy it. While the crispy noodles are good, I actually like it when the noodles get soft under the gravy. Mmm…now I’m craving dim sum again…

2 responses to “Ginger & Garlic – Chinatown, HI

  1. jalna

    Ooooooh, I’m craving some dim sum now too!!

    • Jenny

      I still wanna try dim sum at the new Tim Ho Wan in Waikiki…! Go eat dim sum Jalna, you retired so get plenty time! 🙂

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