Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering – Kalihi, HI

I haven’t been to Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering since they were located in their original School Street location. It was a miracle they had so much business in their original location with no parking! I decided to try their new location out last week because I had a hankering for some good ‘ole garlic chicken. Their new location has a lot of parking, much easier to maneuver especially early in the morning. It can be a bit confusing when you get in since there are a lot of folks standing around, head straight to the cashier if you are ready to order. The folks standing around are most likely waiting for their food.

Breakfast Deluxe • $6.75

2 Scoops Fried Rice, 2 Eggs (any style), 2 Strips of Bacon & 3 Pieces of Portuguese Sausage

Great deal! I don’t really like bacon but wanted to get their breakfast so I got the deluxe! I shared the bacon with my coworker and enjoyed the breakfast. I like that you can order your eggs the way you want it, they are pretty quick too! This was ono.

Fried Saimin Bento • $7.50

Fried Saimin, Garlic Chicken, Egg Omelette, Portuguese Sausage & Rice with Furikake

This is a great deal! And this bento has everything I want in a bento! Great fried saimin, portuguese sausage (yes, I got it again!) and of course the garlic chicken! I didn’t get to heat it up for lunch but it still tasted good cold. I love that I can pick up breakfast and lunch before heading into work. Mitsu-ken, once a classic, always a classic!


2 responses to “Mitsu-Ken Okazu and Catering – Kalihi, HI

  1. Arlene

    Ooh, garlic breath! I’ve been craving a good local style bento for the longest time and fried noodles, too! Thanks for feeding me virtually with your wide range of posts, Jenny. I also just noticed June is going to be your five year blogging anniversary (at least on this WordPress version) so congratulations!

    • Jenny

      Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for noticing Arlene! Maybe I should do something special for this anniversary…let me think about this! Thank you for being such a great reader Arlene, I greatly appreciate your support. And hope you are enjoying the posts! I like eating at new restaurant and sharing the experience so people get an idea if it’s good or not…

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