Gyukaku Japanese BBQ – Kaneohe, HI

Gyukaku has been in Hawaii for a while now and I really enjoyed it when they first opened. It was an upscale yakiniku joint that offered good food and good service! I can’t help but notice how it has fallen in the past few years. Not that they’re terrible now but they’re definitely not as good as their hayday. They have also changed up the menu for the worse…we dined there over the holiday break and it was disappointing.

150209-01Warming up…150209-02I went during lunchtime so they offer a set that comes with soup and salad.


How can a dish sound so good but come out so bad? This is their garlic noodles, they cook it in the kitchen. Can you see how burnt some of these noodles are? Terrible, hard to enjoy when half the dish is not edible.

150209-04Can’t go wrong with wrapping something in bacon. We loved it. Wish they had soaked the toothpicks in water or whatever the trick is, they all caught on fire which made it hard to cook the actual food.



150209-07Some of our meat dishes. Sorry, I can’t remember everything we ordered. I’m just glad we were there during happy hour so we got these dishes for a good price.

150209-08Smores. This was a cute and fun dessert for the kids. I do miss their old dessert though. They would serve up mini pancakes you would heat up on the grill that you ate with ice cream and maple syrup. It was delicious! I wish they still sold that. Well, this meal was pricey and I don’t think it was worth it. If you want yakiniku, maybe it’s best you head off to one of those all you can eat joints.

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