The Beets are Back!

This is really a post aimed for N. I went to Costco in Iwilei yesterday and saw the beets back in stock! Not sure if they’re in stock at the Waipio one, but it’s for sure at the Iwilei one. They stock it in the same area as the deli meats/hummus/etc. section. I hope you find them!


150207-01Now onto random updates for this nice Saturday. I woke up with a bit of a runny nose and the feeling of a possible sore throat. I will be drinking some Airborne today.

150207-03Watermelon Juice at Shaka Shaka Tea Express. Remember when I talked about the watermelon juice at Little Sheep Hot Pot and how much I loved it? Well now I found a place that makes it better without having to sit through an expensive hot pot meal. Shaka Shaka prides themselves on making drinks from natural ingredients. This drink is great, so refreshing and tastes like I am drinking fresh watermelon. Forreal. Give them a try! They also offer it with boba, but I like this drink plain.

150207-04I went to Palama Supermarket last week and saw this in their hot foods section! I can’t resist Korean style snack food. Fried squid bar sounds weird but it tasted good! And I was happy to see they have a spicy version too. It was good! I would get it again!


6 responses to “The Beets are Back!

  1. jalna

    Everything looks good!

  2. N

    Thanks for the update! And I LOVE LOVE watermelon juice. Walmart carries a line of fruit drinks in the refrigerated section and watermelon juice is one of ’em. Forget the brand, but one of those national ones like Dole (maybe). It’s always sold out at my Walmart but notice Keeaumoku has them all the time. Not really strong watermelon taste though as it’s mixed in w/ other flavors.
    As for the beets I learned to make my own after I couldn’t find ’em. I still might buy the ready made one at COSTCO cuz I gotta boil them for so long and I always forget that it’s on (one hour boiling time) so might be easier.

    Big mahalos!!

    • Jenny

      Hey N! Good to know about the juice at Walmart! I plan to go next week so I’ll definitely check it out!

      I commend you for making your own beets! The boiling and then having to peel them and slice them…does it stain everything?? Or do you have a special cutting board and knife set up for it? DId you get to go Costco to check them out??

  3. jalna

    Hey! I went go check out the watermelon juice from Shaka Shaka. It was very refreshing. I wanna go back and check out some of the other stuff.

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