Happy New Year!

2014 is upon us!  Another new date to remember to write.  When I worked at the bank, knowing the new year was required.  Especially when depositing checks!  So much has changed in the past few years.  I remember when I used to play with both fireworks and firecrackers during new years eve.  I can see why they need to ban it – the smoke nuisance can really affect anyone with asthma.  I remember once when I was a kid, I was playing with firecrackers and it popped in my hand.  My hand stung for like the whole night.  I would freak out if it happened to a kid in front of me but for me, it was a cool experience to have.  Hahaha okay sorry.  Just reminiscing a bit.  I hope you all had a great 2013 and I wish you all the best in 2014.  I leave you with a picture I took during a trip to Hilo a few years back.  This was like the calm before the storm called Saddle Road.  I didn’t know I drove on that thing until afterwards, it was nuts.  Happy New Year!


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  1. jalna

    Happy New Year!!

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