Happy Sunday!

By the time this is posted, I hope that I have settled into my trip nicely! Adjusted to the time change and did some great exploring. I hope you folks had a great week and I will try my best to document my trip! I just wanted to share some random eats from the Ala Moana Food Court a few weeks ago.

150322-01Jollibee’s Spaghetti – kids love this stuff. It’s a bit too sweet for me, it’s like sweet ketchup with hot dogs. I prefer their chicken.

150322-02Here is my short rib bowl from Bangga Bangga. Have you folks tried this place? They are a little kiosk located in the food court but this bowl is DELICIOUS. Nice and tender short rib slices over a big bowl or rice with lots of fried garlic slivers. It’s so good, I would definitely recommend it!

150322-03Okay, not sure how you folks will take this. My immediate thought when I saw this chicken nugget was a heart, others might just see deformity. Hoping you folks take it as a heart, sending my love from Japan!

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