Happy Tuesday

Yay! Here’s to a good week I hope! It is starting off great already, one day short! Just wanted to share a cute picture of my brothers with some Starbucks. Don’t worry, I didn’t start them off caffeine at an early age. It’s just a nice cup of cocoa for the both of them. I would like to look at this picture at work. It’s been awfully cold at work lately. For some odd reason, the AC kicked into full gear a few weeks ago and all of us look ridiculous. I wear like three jackets and started using a heater. Why aren’t we doing anything about it? Because we’ve suffered through many days of NO air conditioning and I would take cold over hot any day. No AC is the worst in our building because we have no windows to open…lol. Anyway, we will see how much longer we will go through the crazy AC. No one has given in yet.


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