Fukuya – Honolulu, HI

Fukuya¬†doesn’t need an introduction, you should all know about this place! Fukuya is very close to my work place but I haven’t tried it too many times. I decided to drop by one morning to pick up lunch before work. I wasn’t disappointed! I returned once more after this initial visit and had to try the Shiso musubi. For me personally, I thought the shiso musubi was just okay (hides).


From top left, clockwise: Nishime, Fried Chicken, Nori Chicken (I had to add it, they just put it out fresh!) and Chow Fun (can always tell if it’s okazuya chow fun if it’s white)

140217-02Nori chicken innards! Well I got this in the morning and couldn’t resist eating the nori chicken right away since it was fresh. It was great!

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