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If you know me, you know I love myself some good ole Cantonese food! Oh, I think it’s time to introduce my BF by name so I don’t have to say my BF all the time. So this post will be introducing Chan! Not a picture (heck I don’t even have a picture on here) but yes, when I reference Chan – please know that he is the special someone in my life. 🙂

Anyway! Been wanting to try HK Cafe for a while now. They even opened a new location in Waikiki, must be good ah! We made the trek out to Chinatown on a Sunday morning and had ourselves a wonderful meal. Check it out!

Left: Lemon Tea | $5.50, Right: Lemon Honey | $5.50

Yum yum. We actually ordered combos that included hot drinks. We wanted the cold drink so there is just an upcharge of $1.50 per drink. The lemon tea was great! Chan enjoyed the lemon honey too, I tried it and it was very honey tasting…haha

Chinese Donut | $3.99

I traditionally like eating these fried chinese donuts with my congee. Can I just say? I have never had it fried so perfectly before. Usually these donuts are a bit doughy but these were so light and crispy. Chan likes to dip it into his broth to eat…but was delicious to eat as is too!

House Special Fried Chicken Wings (8 pcs) | $12.99

I had a deep yearning for chicken wings this weekend. I really wanted some good chicken wings and these did not disappoint. Nicely seasoned and cooked, it looks like plain chinese shoyu chicken wings but the seasoning was much more than that. I definitely tasted hints of curry. Would get it again!

Noodle Soup Combo | $14.75
Sliced Ham & Egg & Egg Noodle

Chan’s noodle soup combo, he enjoyed it. The ham – hmm, I usually see it served sliced up and not necessarily fried up like this. I think they usually throw the ham meat on top and have it warmed up through the broth. That’s how I would like it.

Noodle Soup Combo | $14.75
Spam & Egg & Instant Noodle (+$1.00)

Here’s mine. Of course I had to upgrade to instant noodle. I don’t know why instant noodle costs $1.00 more?? Eh, I think I can do with egg noodles next time. I wasn’t feel like ham so spam it was! Delicious!

Toast with Butter (comes with the combos)

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. We went right at opening so there was no crowd to contend with. It was a nice and peaceful Sunday morning (well other than the homeless screaming in the streets). They also had some Hong Kong TV playing in the background and that was very nostalgic for me. I would definitely return!

8 responses to “HK Cafe – Chinatown, HI

  1. jalna

    How strange that instant noodles is an upgrade, yah. I would totally do the spam too. That yolk in yours looks HAYUGE.

  2. vickinags

    LOL, I’ve passed by that place and thought it’s too clean, can’t be that good.
    Now, I’ll have to check it out! except, I would go with the ham, not the spam!!

    • Jenny

      Hahahha you so funny! You’re right. Anything too clean is a bit suspect but nah it was great! Try ‘em next time! Go ham, literally!

  3. N

    Love how you expose me to the different types of cuisines in Cantonese cooking. All I know is chop suey houses food. Not that it’s bad but my knowledge is obviously very limited. Every time you mention a new place I do Yelp it to get a better understanding. Also congratulations on Mr. Chan.

    • Jenny

      Chop suey is good food, like home cooking kine! But I am glad I can help you learn more about new places! This place is definitely Hong Kong style food! And thank you!!!

  4. kat

    yeah now we know BF’s name 🙂

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