Tori Ton – Moilili, HI

Tori Ton is one of my go-to Japanese restaurants…great izakaya! If you love Japanese food and drinking, here you go! I don’t do so much of the drinking but I love eating (ha!). I hadn’t been here in quite a while so it was nice to visit again – I wonder if there is new ownership. There seems to be slight changes in the food but actually, I think the changes have been good!

Yummy Cucumber | $4.90

One of our go-to’s! Well these all are. This is perfect with the TKG rice we get. It’s salty and sesame oily…so good with rice.

French Fries with House Made Anchovy Butter | $8.50

Yes, yes, yes and yes! I was hooked on these that night. Love the taste of anchovy and can’t go wrong with butter. Yeah it’s not healthy but let’s live a little!

Healthy Tofu Salad (half size) | $6.50

Here was a nice attempt at me trying to be healthy during the meal trying to fill my stomach with some veggies. It was good! Just a basic salad though with goma dressing.

Pork Wrapped Quail Eggs | $3.60 (each skewer)
Pork Wrapped Japanese Rice | $5.80 (each skewer) – w/Egg Yolk +$1 (each)

Yum yum yum. Winners!

Premium Rice with Fresh Egg | $5.80

The RICE and EGG! They also serve like a seasoned soy sauce with it as you mix the raw egg with the hot rice. I forgot that the sauce is really salty and put too much haha.

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Skin | $2.95 (each skewer)

Oooh, this was good too! They have a chicken skin dish as an appetizer but this one is way better. You can’t beat the grilled taste!

8 responses to “Tori Ton – Moilili, HI

  1. jalna

    Oooooh! I’ve never been. Food sure looks good!

  2. kat

    everything looked tasty!

  3. I went there once long ago and wished I could drink. Food was ono and probably would have been even better with beer.

  4. vickinags

    I gotta go back! When I went, my nephew ordered all these weird stuff like gizzards.

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