Honolulu Farmers’ Market – Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall

Don’t you love how Farmers’ Markets are now like basically an excuse to eat so much ono food?  I do.  I appreciate the fresh fruits and veggies but I appreciate the food even more!  I’ve been wanting to try the Honolulu Farmers’ Market for a while now, the list of food vendors is killer!  The Pig and the Lady is the place I’ve wanted to try for the longest time!  I did get to try it this trip but will post the pictures and review of them in a separate post (they deserve it!).  Do you have any favorite farmers’ markets?


So much food, not enough hunger!


Looks a bit small but these tents pack a lot of variety!


Isn’t this the cutest?  This is how I think all the tents should display their items.  I love it.


Famous Chicken and Waffles.  I saw a lot of people with this but I set my eyes on the prize, The Pig and the Lady.



PacifiKool Ginger Ale Drinks.  My friend loves Ginger drinks so he tried this.  I got a taste of it and wow, the taste of fresh ginger is insane.  Definitely recommended for all you ginger enthusiasts.  He got a refill there – they give you a discount for refills when you reuse the cup.




Doesn’t this look amazing?  If there is any way to eat kale, this would be the way, lol.  It is deep fried kale chips, official title: Sushi Surfer Sliders.  Deep fried kale chips topped with spicy tuna, my dream!  The chips were freshly fried and were definitely delicious.  Unfortunately, they hadn’t drained them well enough and it was very oily.  Definitely worth a try! 


Finished off the night with a nice chocolate gelato from Via Gelato.  The richness of the chocolate was reminiscent of my childhood.  It really made me realize how watered down and weak chocolate ice cream is now.  It was delicious.  Unfortunately, I don’t like waffle cones.  I know I know, I am in the minority on this.  If this was served in a regular cone, I would have been in heaven. 

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