Goma Tei Ramen – Ward Center

I love me some Tan Tan Ramen.  Do you have a place that serves your favorite Tan Tan?  I’ve gotta give it up to Goma Tei Ramen because this is the first place I have ever tried Tan Tan Ramen.  Tan Tan Ramen’s broth looks thick with sesame murkiness but the broth doesn’t taste as thick as it looks.  I’ve been coming here ever since they opened but haven’t been back in over a year.  I was starting to get disappointed in my previous visits because I felt like they were making changes that affected the quality.  So how did this visit fare?   Let’s explore.


Let my Wakame Tan Tan Ramen lure you in…


My attempt at an artsy front entrance shot…


Here is the Wakame Shoyu Ramen.  How was the ramen?  Delicious!  The noodles are definitely thinner now but still delicious.  They cooked the noodles just right, perfectly firm just how I like it.  I would still highly recommend this dish!  The wakame ramen comes with a bunch of wakame and half a hard boiled egg.


Curry Loco Moco – droooool

130719-4A fantastic dish. The Japanese curry is spiced just right, the hamburger patty was moist and flavorful.  The egg was a bit over cooked but it could be because we let it sit while we scarfed down the ramen.  It still doesn’t beat the Curry Loco Moco at Raraya.  Do any of you remember that place?  It was the best ramen and curry.  I sure do miss it.

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