Local Cravings – Honolulu, HI

Another ahi poke place in Kalihi! Thank god! Costco stopped serving their ahi poke bowls, not that I liked going to Costco anyway. That place is always nuts no matter what time of day it is. I heard Local Cravings used to run tents in farmers markets but now has opened it’s own shop in the City Square shopping center in Dillingham. I’ve been there twice so far. The first visit was a bit of a fluke to be honest. They had been open for only a few days so things weren’t running smoothly yet. I ordered the spicy tuna and they asked what rice I wanted, they suggested the sushi vinegar rice. I didn’t care for it mixed with spicy tuna. Then as I was eating, I found four scales. So, I decided to let them find their footing before going back about two weeks ago. So how did it go?

140318-01Spicy Ahi Crab Poke Bowl!

140318-02The generous bowl comes with rice of your choice (white, brown or sushi rice), furikake, poke of your choice, cucumber kimchee, and taegu. Delicious!

140318-03So the spicy ahi crab poke was a new addition this time around. The lady helping me mentioned that it is one of their best sellers so I definitely had to try it. What did I think? I thought it was just all right. The imitation crab kind of takes away from the full poke experience and there was a strong oyster sauce flavor.  I think for me, when I go back (yes, when not if!) – I will go for the regular spicy tuna over regular rice. Winners. The people (I assume owners) are nice people so I definitely want to return to support local. Also, any excuse to get a bubble tea at Thang II is always welcome.

Honolulu Farmers’ Market – Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall

Don’t you love how Farmers’ Markets are now like basically an excuse to eat so much ono food?  I do.  I appreciate the fresh fruits and veggies but I appreciate the food even more!  I’ve been wanting to try the Honolulu Farmers’ Market for a while now, the list of food vendors is killer!  The Pig and the Lady is the place I’ve wanted to try for the longest time!  I did get to try it this trip but will post the pictures and review of them in a separate post (they deserve it!).  Do you have any favorite farmers’ markets?


So much food, not enough hunger!

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