IKEA – Las Vegas, Nevada


Swedish Meatballs Plate (12 pcs) | $9.99
Served with Mashed Potatoes and Lingonberry Jam

Classic. Can’t go wrong. I’m wondering if I can ask for the mixed vegetables next time because I am not a fan of the peas.

Garlic Lemon Cod | $8.99
Served with sustainably-sourced lemon garlic cod, served with mashed potatoes

If they had fish and chips, I would have gone that route. They didn’t so I tried this. I liked it! Nice seasoning and nice piece of fish.

French Fries | $2.49

Ah, just whatever. Not good not bad.

Strawberry Shortcake | $3.29

They didn’t have their chocolate cake slice. 🙁 So this is what I had to settle for. I was already full so I didn’t enjoy this cake as much as I would have liked. Was good and not dry!

4 responses to “IKEA – Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. kat

    have tried eating at ikea in osaka & kobe but not tokyo, love the meatballs

  2. The prices went way up! I remember was so cheap before and ono with plenty lingonberry sauce and mashed potatos with gravy. I brought back couple bags of their meatballs and bottles of the sauce – but never made them. Went into freezer deep space.

    • Jenny

      Oh man idk the prices before but I thought these prices are pretty good for nowadays! Oh man you should bust them out and eat em!

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