Trader Joe’s Haul – Las Vegas, Nevada

A trip to the mainland and mean one thing and one thing only. Okay, one of two things. A must is always Trader Joe’s. Just gotta. Gotta get your own snacks and of course omiyage to bring home. On our second shopping trip, the cashier knew we were from Hawaii without even asking. Haha! Their mini cooler bags also came out while we were in Vegas but there was no way we were going to get one. The cashier told me they were sold out within minutes of opening – that’s crazy. I don’t need a mini cooler bag.

Anyway, since our hotel had a kitchenette, we bought some frozen foods to try! Yay, I finally get to try their ready made foods!

Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice | $4.49

Love me a good butter chicken and love basmati rice! Chan’s friend told us this one was good so we tried it! I am happy to report that it was good!

Steamed Pork & Ginger Soup Dumplings | $3.49

Ehhh, wouldn’t get this again. This was exactly like the ones they sell here in Costco. Is it the bibigo brand? Exactly the same only this one doesn’t even come with the sauce on the side. Boo. Tastes fine but nothing special.

Kimbap | $3.99

Biggest bummer of the haul. I mean I knew it wouldn’t be good as fresh, how could it be right? Well, I followed instructions on how to heat it up and it was just awful. The rice was super hard and the taste wasn’t even good. What a bummer. No buy this. Just go to the Korean market and get the fresh ones! The one I got from Longs here was better.

Longs had this Japchae frozen kimbap on sale the other week for like $5.99 I think, it was pretty good to me! And heated up nicely so the roll was nice and soft. Still, I would just go to the Korean market to get fresh rolls. Glad to have tried, wouldn’t get it again.

8 responses to “Trader Joe’s Haul – Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. jalna

    Thanks for the scoops!

  2. vickinags

    I’ve been thinking those frozen Korean foods are for those with limited access to Korean restaurant. Like, I tried the chapchae from Costco and it was just ok, but if you can get from Korean restaurant or take-out, no comparison
    Had (from Korea) friends who tried the bibimbap and they said kinda same thing…it’s okay if you cannot get fresh kind.

    • Jenny

      I guess gotta say, lucky we live Hawai’i! But I can say that it would be very convenient to have frozen kimbap especially if you’re lazy at home!

  3. kat

    saw so many people rave about the TJ kimbap, bummer it was junk

  4. Thanks for the food review. And the mini cooler bags? So much hype – the power of the internet. Kinda scary.

    • Jenny

      Yeah! Watching the bags being sold online for crazy prices…they are just bags! I don’t even use the big ones that I have lol

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