Izakaya Uosan – Ala Moana, HI

I have been wanting to try Izakaya Uosan for a long time now, since they opened! And wouldn’t you know? They just celebrated 5 years! I can’t believe they’ve been open for so long?? The food is super good here but…hold onto your hats when you see the prices okay? I came into this place knowing it would be a bit pricey but it was worth! Well almost all of it…

Daikon Salad | $8.50

Good, not great. I’ve had better, I probably wouldn’t get this again.

Natto, Okura, Yamaimo with Nori | $7.50

I really enjoyed this dish, but I always enjoy this dish whenever I order it…whereever! Delicious.

Oysters with Ponzu | $16.00

Okay, maybe this is junk of me but I like the really fat oysters lol. This was okay but nothing to write home about (even though I’m blogging about it). It was good but not a must have.

Chicken Karaage | $6.50

Great chicken karaage, fried perfectly and the chicken pieces were so juicy and tender. This is what chicken karaage should always be!

Foie Gras with Braised Daikon | $19.50

Lackluster dish especially for the price. The daikon didn’t taste like it was simmered in the broth long enough. The foie gras was a small piece, the braised onions (I’m assuming in red wine) was a nice touch. I wouldn’t get this dish again.

Sashimi Sampler | $86.00

Yes, that price is right. Yes, we indulged! All fresh fish and I think all from Japan? It was super good and included fish I never tried before. Super great quality, and I loved that they torched the skin so it was easy to chew and eat. Delicious! Pricey yes. Worth it? Yes!

Uni, Truffle Butter with Egg Yolk Rice | $21.00

Braaaaah, I know I know, expensive! But I think hands down this was my favorite dish of the night. SO GOOD. And the uni? SO GOOD. I’ve had uni in other dishes and it was always bitter or had a taste to it…this uni was so creamy and rich. No weird taste at all. Wonderful truffle taste and you know I love myself some TKG! Yum yum yum!

10 responses to “Izakaya Uosan – Ala Moana, HI

  1. Ho da expensive! But you enjoyed – that’s the main thing. I would only order the chicken karaage and the natto and bring my own rice, lol.

  2. kat

    wow but at least you enjoyed

  3. P

    How do you eat the natto okra thing? Wrap it in the nori like a summer roll/temaki/lumpia?

    • Jenny

      Great question! The mixture is so slimy that its hard to roll up. I just place a spoonful in the middle of the nori and stuff em in my mouth!

      • vickinags

        that looks so similar to what they call neba neba bowl at Mama Kims and Pioneer Saloon, and similar places and it does come on a bowl of rice so perfect to grab some nori!
        I always see that place and wonder how it is. I would go just to try the slimy stuff and karaage!
        If you look at other places’ sashimi dish, that seems to be about right, about $10 for 2 slices of premium fish (lucky I don’t care for sashimi too much, LOL)

        • Jenny

          Ooh anytime I see this dish, I order it. I’ve seen it get called stamina bowl before. I mean I guess it’s pretty easy to make yourself…I should but I am so lazy. Give it a try if you get a chance!

  4. jalna

    Wow, everything looks so awesome!

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