Japan 2015 Day 8 – Food!


Remember Fushimi Inari Shrine? There are so many gift shops and food stands – it’s an attraction within itself! I cheated a bit, my coworker came here a few days before me and sent me pictures of this special taiyaki she got. I had to get it myself!


150803-02There was a young guy working this food stand and he was all alone! He had a pretty genius way of collecting the money for it and each taiyaki he made looked great! This one is mine! It’s filled with custard, topped with cream and drizzled with chocolate. You can choose your fruit topping, I went to strawberry. It was delicious! We also bought a whole bunch of furoshiki from a gift shop here.

150803-03Nishiki Market! A must visit if you come to Kyoto. It’s a great foodie spot.

150803-04The inside of Nishiki market, it’s full of tourists and locals. There’s something about the ceiling lights that I like…I remember them from my last trip so it was comforting to see them again.

150803-06Plenty of shops were selling these mini octopus, didn’t realize there were so many sizes of this little thing. They were charging for small, medium and large. I think I went for the medium, it’s cooked in a sweet shoyu sauce and the head is stuffed with a quail egg! Morbid but delicious.

150803-05The best thing I had last time that I had to get again this time. Dashimaki Tamago. It’s not like the ones in Hawaii, the ones in Hawaii are super sweet. This one tastes more like dashi stock and it is absolutely wonderful. They are so good at making this, the seasoning and how perfectly cooked the egg is…I wish I could buy a whole block of this to enjoy. I should have.

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    how cool! mini tako on a stick. and I love the egg.

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