Fresh Ahi Off the Boat – Keeaumoku, HI

Fresh Ahi Off the Boat is a brand new restaurant on the Keeaumoku strip. If you remember it, they replaced a shave ice shop called Cooland. I parked in the Keeaumoku main parking lot for all the shops. It’s a Japanese restaurant but it’s owned by a Korean family which is totally cool. I overheard the owner talking to customers and discussing how important the quality of fish he serves is. That was comforting to hear. This is more of a take-out joint but they do have some seating for you to eat there if you want to. I like that they have so many different rices to choose from! White, Brown, Sushi Rice and Black Rice. I love black rice so I definitely got that. Black rice is really just white/sticky rice mixed with mixed grain rice which turns all the rice purple. I love it.

150806-01Ahi Tsunami Bowl – $9.75


150806-03Hurricane Bowl – $10.25

This was my bowl, it was DELICIOUS. The bowls come with a miso soup which was nice. The soup had a nice mild flavor. The hurricane bowl comes with both salmon and ahi and a whole bunch of veggies on top of the rice of your choice. The veggies really add a refreshing crunch to the bowl. It’s like a raw fish bibimbap and as you can see there is a red pepper sauce (kochujjang) drizzled on top. I like their kochujjang sauce, it’s not too concentrated or spicy and has a bit of sweetness to it. I would definitely get this again.


B1 Bento (Spicy Ahi, 2pc., Spicy Salmon, 2pc., Ahi Nigiri, 2pc., Salmon Nigiri, 2pc.)  – $11.50

Our eyes were bigger than our stomach so we had to try the sushi too. Their spicy sauce is okay, not great. I’m used to a bit more sesame oil so I felt like the spicy sauce here was a bit bland. It lacks something for sure. The nigiri was great, don’t the pieces of fish look great? They’re a bit pricey but I think you’re paying for the quality and their rent…lol. Give them a try!

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  1. jalna

    Whoa! Gotta let Leslie know. It’s right near our working place.

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