Jjajangmyeon Challenge – Eastern Paradise Restaurant

This weekend, I will be sharing two Northern Chinese restaurants and their jjajangmyeon! For those who are in the Korean drama know, we’ve watched as the stars slurp the deliciously glossy black noodles (usually in anger) in awe. Well I’d say we have two restaurants in Hawaii that compete for the best jjajangmyeon. They are both of course located near Keeaumoku (aka Koreamoku) – how do they measure up? I was able to try both within a week of each other so I will share my thoughts! First up? Eastern Paradise Restaurant – let’s see how it went!

150110-01Kimchee – I like their version! Very flavorful and so crunchy.


Delicious. You can tell it’s homemade and they are generous with the filling, definitely recommended!


The star of the show. My friend tried this for the first time ever with me and she LOVED it. It was thicky, luscious and delicious. I wish I took a picture of it mixed up but I was too busy eating…hehe. I’ll do more comparisons in tomorrow’s review!

2 responses to “Jjajangmyeon Challenge – Eastern Paradise Restaurant

  1. Arlene

    Yummy looking black noodles, but I think I wanna try Eastern Paradise for the gyoza (potstickers). My old stand by fav (Ezogiku) has seriously gone downhill and I need my gyoza fix soon.

    Have you ever been to Beijing Restaurant in Waikiki for lunch? Their jajamen is pretty tasty too. Funny thing is that the lunch chef is supposed to be better than the dinner chef!

    • Jenny

      Yes! Give them a try! I really enjoyed the potstickers. I have never been to Beijing Restaurant! But I will definitely give them a try…for lunch. Thanks for the tip!

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