Jjajangmyeon Challenge – On Dong Chinese Restaurant

My post yesterday wasn’t too detailed, maybe I should have done this all in one post. Ah well! The second challenger is On Dong Chinese Restaurant, there was a line to get into this restaurant when I went. The restaurant was also filled with Koreans (always a good sign). The Korean ladies running the shop were quick and efficient, also friendly! They served us hot tea and brought ice water when we asked. I appreciate this restaurant serving all the side dishes to everyone equally. I’ll explain more with the pictures.

150111-01The kimchee here was okay. Nothing great but not the worst I have had.

150111-02Raw Onion with Black Bean Paste

Okay this is the dish they gave us without asking. I saw this dish on random tables at Eastern Paradise but we were never given this dish or even offered. Not to say I am in love with this or anything. I don’t quite get why people like it. I’m sure that if you asked for it at Eastern Paradise, they will give them to you. They have it ready to go on the side.

150111-03Pickled Radish or Takuan – this was weird. It wasn’t sweet like usual, much more vinegary than I would have liked.

150111-04Potstickers – not as flavorful or generous with the filling. They do give you more pieces but the taste definitely wasn’t as good as Eastern Paradise.

150111-05Mongolian Beef – this is supposedly their signature dish. It was DELICIOUS. I loved it. I also believe there was MSG in it, but it was good nonetheless.


Look that gloss! Good sign so far. And the very visible chunks of pork and vegetables, all positives on my list.

150111-07So how was it? I thought it was good but I think Eastern Paradise’s jjajangmyeon edges this one out. While this one was good, I feel like Eastern Paradise’s sauce is thicker and deeper in flavor. This one was more watery, I was left with a black bean paste broth after I slurped up the noodles.

I guess the winner for me is Eastern Paradise Restaurant! Everytime I pass by On Dong, they have a line out the door so maybe it’s up to everyone and their own taste buds. I would go to Eastern Paradise just to hear the owner speak four languages. He spoke Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and English fluently the hour I was there. I wonder if he knows any other languages…haha. Give them a try and let me know what you think yourself!

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  1. Arlene

    Did you eat jajamen (sorry, I’ll use the easier spelling for me) when you visited Korea? If so, how did it taste?

    The version I had at Beijing is much lighter and has soup you add to it. I can’t handle spicy foods, so I always have mine “mild.” If you try out Beijing, I hope you have a good experience!

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