Kaimuki’s Boston Pizza – Kaimuki, HI

We ordered some Boston Pizza on Christmas Eve at work as a treat for the students, it was great! Umm…when did all these shops split up and cease to be Boston’s North End Pizza? I don’t know what happened but am glad their pizza is still great! We have a Manoa location near us but I heard that Kaimuki is better, not sure how they are all owned but the website for the one we ordered from is here. They also offer coupons so that’s even better!

Here are the pies we got! They are a bit pricey but they are HUGE!

150103-01Half Supreme and BBQ Chicken – I wasn’t a fan that the pizza hangs outside of the box…lol. But eh, a little fresh air doesn’t hurt anyone right? Hahaha

150103-02Garlic, Tomato and Spinach Pizza – ding ding ding! We have a winner. This is my favorite pizza. So ono! And we can all tell ourselves quietly that it’s good for us since it’s all veggies, sort of. Ah who cares if it’s all veggies or not, it was DELICIOUS!

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